Fruitful Seasons Dairy is a family operated small dairy located near Alexandria, Minnesota. Our raw milk cheese is crafted on the farm in a licensed facility using quality milk from 100%  grass-fed Jersey cows. We enjoy providing a good wholesome product to a local market.

How does it work? Our dairy is seasonal.   Our cows calve between April and June. We pasture them spring through fall moving them to a fresh strip of grass 2-3 times each day.  We make cheese 2 times a week.  The left-over whey is fed to pigs, chickens and cows. When pasture season is over, most of the cows are dried up for the winter and we stop making cheese until the next spring.  This gives the  cows and us a nice break.

 We like the benefits of 100% grass-fed raw milk - unpasturized and unhomogenized.  Grass-fed milk is high in  Conjugated Linoleic Acid (which is a cancer fighting fat) and omega-3 fats.  Cheese from grass-fed cows contains as much as 5 times more CLA than cheese made from grain-fed cows.  We make our cheese from unpasteurized, fresh, clean milk so that all the beneficial properties of the milk are still intact.
 For more info. on the benefits of grass-fed products:  We do not treat the cows with antibiotics or growth hormones.
Our soils are full of microbial life as we do not use any chemical fertilizers or other stuff.
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