The calves are mostly all born in the spring. Soon after  they are bouncing around.

The whey from making cheese is fed to the pigs, chickens and the cows.
The cows are moved to new pasture 2-3 times each day. For supplements they are given Kelp, Agri-Dynamics minerals and Redmond's Real Salt. No grain is given.
We breed the cows for grass-based genetics including the A2 gene.
We milk 4 cows at a time in the parlor.
As a treat they get some Organic molasses with some minerals.
The pipeline delivers the milk to the bulk tank.
The milk is transfered to the vat to make the different cheeses.
Once the curds are ready they are hooped and pressed.
Our cheese floats arround for awhile in the brine tanks.
The wheels get to age at least 60 days.
Most of the cheese is cut into chunks and vacuum-packed.
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